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Below is are a few of the common questions we get asked about diñeiro. If there are questions you have that are not answered here, you can complete the form below the FAQ or email us at

Q: Who owns diñeiro?
A: diñeiro was created by Ben Shapira; an award-winning veteran of the advertising community in Canada and Australia. Ben has spent the last 25+ years as a UX specialist, designing and building digital properties around customers and leading the digital teams for some of the most respected agencies and brands. Ben is also a speaker and University Lecturer (Swinburne University) in Melbourne. After an initial round of investment, diñeiro is still privately held with Ben the majority shareholder, but our investors now include financial industry heavy hitters from the mortgage broking, accounting, retail and investment sectors.

Q: Why was diñeiro created?
A: A few years ago, Ben was applying for a mortgage. Like many Australians, he went through the mind-numbing process of sourcing, downloading, and delivering his financials to his broker. This process took weeks, with additional documents being requested on more than one occasion, and eventually after 30 days had passed, he had to re-supply documents again. Like 30% of first-time homebuyers, Ben abandoned this process, but instead of giving up, he began to look for a way to fix this broken customer experience for everyone.

Q: How does diñeiro work exactly?
A: diñeiro leverages both the open banking framework as well as several third-party data providers to allow customers to link their institution accounts (bank accounts, credit cards, loans, vehicle financing, mortgages, Super etc) as well as owned vehicles and owned property into a single, easy to use APP.

diñeiro users can search our growing network of financial professionals and in a single click, share their financial data. As we continue to grow, we have a number of new and innovative tools that will become available along with a planned update to the interface design. Our focus is on providing the best experience possible and to make the interactions between financial professional and customer as rewarding and engaging as possible.

Q: So as a financial professional, how does this help my business?
A: diñeiro can help your business in three critical areas:

a. Customer onboarding
By allowing customers to link all of their financials into a single source, they can share that data in a detailed financial document to you. Our document includes breakdowns of income by source, expenses are all categorised, we provide all transactions for all linked accounts and even provide deep insights like dishonour fees, overdrafts, centrelink income and gambling to give you more context into the specifics of each of your customers.

b. Ongoing financial access
When customers share their financial data currently, you get a snapshot in time of their finances – nothing more. With diñeiro, you get ongoing access (customer approved of course) to your customers finances so you can make more informed decisions on what is best for their situation.

c. Customer Retention (New & Next Opportunities)
We provide deep insights into the performance of your customer’s portfolio to give you actionable insights. No more guessing on the best time to re-engage with your customers. Our insights let you maximise the lifetime value of each customer while building meaningful relationships.

We are respectful of your relationship with your customer. We will never provide any financial advice, we will never cross-sell or up-sell diñeiro users and we will never have ads or paid promoted content on our app.

Q: Can I get financial data delivered directly into my CMS?
A: At the moment, our financial data is available in PDF format. We are building options for the download of JSON data files as well as our own Universal API that would let approved financial professionals access customer data on an ongoing basis. All of this financial disclosure is customer initiated and customer approved. Customers can also revoke access if they choose.

Q: How safe is diñeiro?
A: We have taken several steps to ensure that all financial data and customer accounts are protected:

a. We do not store bank login details
When customers link their accounts, they use their bank supplied login details. Once authenticated, we use a supplied API key to securely access financial data from then on. We do not store bank login details anywhere on our APP.

b. Encrypted end-to-end
All communications with our data partners are 100% encrypted end-to-end. This includes out communication with financial institutions, and our brokers, advisors, and other financial professionals.

c. Geo-Restricted to Australia
Our APP can only be downloaded from the Australian APP/Play stores and our data is stored on AWS servers in Sydney. We have specifically chosen to geo-restrict our APP to further enhance our security. For anyone who is travelling or moving abroad, as long as the APP has been downloaded in Australia, the financial data linked will be accessible overseas – so our APP is still valuable for the ex-pat community as well.

d. No Transactions
At no time can any financial professional or customer perform any transaction through our APP. We have chosen specifically to have our data as read-only. This ensures that even in the event of a breach, none can impact the portfolio of any customer at any time.

e. Respectful with no cross-selling
We take your relationship with your customers seriously. We will never cross-sell to them. This means no attempt to get them better rates on their mortgage, utilities, credit cards or anything else. We are here to facilitate the communication between financial professional and customer.

Q: Are you members of any industry groups?

A: To ensure we keep informed on the latest changes to CDR compliance and Open Banking regulations, we have become full member of FinTech Australia and the MFAA (Mortgage Finance Association of Australia). It is our aim to help influence the future of the FinTech space, advocating for more consumer control of financial data, mandating data availability from financial institutions and simplifying the entire lending and advisory industries.

Q: How do you charge for diñeiro?
A: Currently each license for diñeiro is $75 annually per user. The fee is paid either by the consumer or in most cases, by the financial professional. Licenses are sold in packs of 10. Once you go over your seat allocation, you will automatically be billed for the next 10 licenses. This allows our financial professionals to scale their licensing without significant commitments.

Q: Are free trials available?
A: We do not offer free trails of diñeiro however, we do offer a trial pack of 10 licenses for $500. This can only be used for your first 10 licenses and represents a 33% discount from our regular fees.

Q: Can I use my own branding?
A: Yes, we offer a white label for diñeiro. It is the same base software that all customers use however, once we verify the mobile number of any user as your customer, the app will refresh with your branding and stay with your branding for the balance of their subscription – even if they revoke your access to their data. Contact us for costs involved.

Q: Can my customers cancel their subscription?
A: Yes. Subscriptions last 12 months so if a customer chooses to cancel, they can contact us at 30 days from the request for cancellation, consumer accounts are suspended but data is stored for the balance of the initial subscription. If cutomer wish to reactivate their accounts, they will be need to request reactivation by email and will have the balance of their initial subscription.

Q: Can I cancel my subscriptions?
A: Financial professionals can cancel their accounts with 30 days written notice. Any customer accounts will continue as generic diñeiro clients and any connection between customers and financial professionals though the app will terminate. If a broker wishes to re-activate their account, they will be required to re-subscribe and re-request access to customer accounts.

Q: Can diñeiro be licensed with my own branding?
A: Absolutely. We offer a white label solution for all financial professionals. This means the APP can have your logo and colours, onboarding videos and documents will have your branding and very soon, our financial report will also have your logo. For pricing options, please contact us.

Q: Do I get my own version of the APP?
A: No. Your customers would download the generic version of diñeiro from the Apple APP Store or Google Play Store. Once they complete their account registration and we can verify they are your customer (we compare their mobile number to the user list you supply us), the APP will refresh with your branding.

Q: Is there a list of new features I can see?<
A: We don’t share a full list of upcoming features online; however, we are happy to share our development pipeline with you over a phone or Zoom call. While we can’t always share all of the upcoming features, we can give you a good idea on where we are heading and what to expect in the future.

Q: Can I request new features to be added?
A: Yes – in fact, we welcome the input of each and every financial professional. Getting feedback and recommendation from our members will help us build a better product. Since you are on the front lines, we want to hear from you. In fact, we plan to engage our financial professionals twice a year to help us prioritise and plan new features for upcoming releases.

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